1240 in history

1240 events chronologically

Jul 15 Swedish–Novgorodian Wars: A Novgorodian army led by Alexander Nevsky defeats the Swedes in the Battle of the Neva
Dec 6 Mongol invasion of Rus': Kiev under Danylo of Halych and Voivode Dmytro falls to the Mongols under Batu Khan

Born in 1240

May 27 William de Warenne 5th Earl of Surrey the son of Hamelin de Warenne and Isabel, daughter of William de Warenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey. His father Hamelin granted him the manor of Appleby, North Lincolnshire
Sep 29 Margaret of England Queen of Scots as the wife of King Alexander III.

Top 7 most famous people died in 1240

Apr 11 Llywelyn the Great a Prince of Gwynedd in north Wales and eventually de facto ruler over most of Wales. By a combination of war and diplomacy he dominated Wales for 40 years
May 24 Skule Bårdsson a Norwegian nobleman and claimant to the royal throne against his son-in-law, King Haakon Haakonsson. Henrik Ibsen's play Kongs-Emnerne is about the dispute between Duke Skule and King Haakon
Aug 31 Raymond Nonnatus a saint from Catalonia in Spain. His nickname refers to his birth by Caesarean section, his mother having died while giving birth to him
Oct 13 Razia Sultana born in *Budaun and was the Sultan of Delhi in India from 1236 to May 1240. Like some other Muslim princesses of the time, she was trained to lead armies and administer kingdoms if necessary. Razia Sultana was the only woman ruler of both the Sultanate and the Mughal period, although other women ruled from behind the scenes. Razia refused to be addressed as Sultana because it meant "wife or mistress of a sultan". She would answer only to the title "Sultan." In many people's opinions Razia had all the qualities of a great monarch
Nov 8 Ibn Arabi an Arab Andalusian Sufi mystic and philosopher.
Nov 16 Edmund Rich a 13th-century Archbishop of Canterbury in England. Today he is remembered for his connection to St Edmund Hall, Oxford, St Edmund's College, Cambridge, St Edmund's School, Canterbury and Edmund's College, Ware
Dec 6 Constance of Hungary the second Queen consort of Ottokar I of Bohemia.