1243 in history

1243 events chronologically

Jun 26 Mongols defeat the Seljuk Turks at the Battle of Köse Dağ

Born in 1243

Feb 20 Romano Bonaventura a Catholic Christian prelate, Cardinal deacon of Sant'Angelo in Pescheria, his titulus , bishop of Porto-Santa Rufina , a cardinal-legate to the court of France.
May 31 James II of Majorca King of Majorca and Lord of Montpellier from 1276 until his death. He was the second son of James I of Aragon and his wife Violant, daughter of Andrew II of Hungary. In 1279, by the Treaty of Perpignan, he became a vassal of the Crown of Aragon
Jun 28 Emperor Go-Fukakusa the 89th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. This reign spanned the years 1246 through 1260
Aug 16 Stepan Tverdislavich a Novgorodian posadnik in 1230–43.
Sep 2 Gilbert de Clare 7th Earl of Gloucester a powerful English noble. Also known as "Red" Gilbert de Clare or "The red earl", probably because of his hair colour or fiery temper in battle

Died in 1243

May 5 Hubert de Burgh 1st Earl of Kent Justiciar of England and Ireland and one of the most influential men in England during the reigns of King John and of his infant son and successor King Henry III.
Oct 15 Hedwig of Silesia Duchess of Silesia from 1201 and of Greater Poland from 1231 as well as High Duchess consort of Poland from 1232 until 1238. She was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1267