1246 in history

1246 events chronologically

Feb 28 The Siege of Jaén ends in the context of the Spanish Reconquista resulting in the Castilian takeover of the city from the Taifa of Jaen
May 22 Henry Raspe is elected anti-king of the Kingdom of Germany, in opposition to Conrad IV
Jun 15 With the death of Duke Frederick II, the Babenberg dynasty ends in Austria

Born in 1246

Sep 14 John FitzAlan 7th Earl of Arundel an English nobleman. He was also feudal Lord of Clun and Oswestry in the Welsh Marches

Top 7 most famous people died in 1246

May 6 Geoffrey II of Villehardouin the third prince of Achaea. From his accession to the princely throne, he was a powerful and respected person, and even from France knights came to the principality to enter his service. Geoffrey II emerged as the most powerful vassal of the Latin Empire of Constantinople, the person around whom the crusaders' states in modern Greece gradually regrouped themselves. He came to the rescue of the imperial capital three times. As a reward of his services to the Latin Empire, he was granted suzerainty over the island of Euboea by his brother-in-law, Emperor Baldwin II of Constantinople. He was also a humane prince, benevolent and just, solicitous for the condition of the common people
Jun 4 Isabella of Angoulême queen consort of England as the second wife of King John from 1200 until John's death in 1216. She was also reigning Countess of Angoulême from 1202 until 1246
Jun 15 Frederick II Duke of Austria the Duke of Austria and the Duke of Styria from 1230 to his death in 1246. He was the fifth and last Duke of Austria from the House of Babenberg
Sep 20 Michael of Chernigov a Rus' prince. He was grand prince of Kiev ; and he was also prince of Pereyaslavl , of Novgorod-Seversk , of Chernigov , of Novgorod , and of Halych
Sep 30 Yaroslav II of Vladimir the Grand Prince of Vladimir who helped to restore his country and capital after the Mongol invasion of Russia.
Nov 8 Berengaria of Castile Queen of Castile in 1217 and Queen consort of León from 1197 to 1204.
Nov 26 Gerhard von Malberg the sixth Grand Master of the Teutonic Order, serving from 1240 to 1244. After being forced to resign, he joined the Knights Templar