1257 in history

1257 events chronologically

Jun 5 Kraków, in Poland, receives city rights

Born in 1257

Apr 28 Shajar al-Durr the widow of the Ayyubid Sultan As-Salih Ayyub who played a crucial role after his death during the Seventh Crusade against Egypt. She was regarded by Muslim historians and chroniclers of the Mamluk time as being of Turkic origin. She became the Sultana of Egypt on May 2, 1250, marking the end of the Ayyubid reign and the starting of the Mamluk era
Oct 14 Przemysł II the Duke of Poznań during 1257-1279, of Greater Poland during 1279-1296, of Kraków during 1290-1291 and Gdańsk Pomerania during 1294-1296, and then King of Poland from 1295 until his death. After a long period of Polish High Dukes, and two nominal kings, he was the first to obtain the hereditary title of King, and for Poland the rank of Kingdom

Died in 1257

Jun 4 Przemysł I of Greater Poland a Duke of Greater Poland , Duke of Poznań and Gniezno during 1247–1249, Duke of Poznań and Kalisz during 1249–1250, sole Duke of Greater Poland during 1250–1253 and Duke of Poznań from 1253 until his death.
Aug 15 Hyacinth of Poland educated in Paris and Bologna. A Doctor of Sacred Studies and a secular priest, he worked to reform women's monasteries in his native Poland
Dec 24 John I Count of Hainaut the count of Hainaut from 1246 to his death. Born in Houffalize, he was the eldest son of Margaret II of Flanders by her first husband, Bouchard IV of Avesnes. As the marriage of Margaret and Bouchard was papally dissolved, he was considered illegitimate