1267 in history

Born in 1267

Feb 21 Baldwin of Ibelin Seneschal of Cyprus the fourth of five sons of John I of Beirut and his second wife Melisende of Arsuf.
Aug 10 James II of Aragon the King of Sicily from 1285 to 1296 and King of Aragon and Valencia and Count of Barcelona from 1291 to 1327. In 1297 he was granted the Kingdom of Sardinia and Corsica. He used the Latin title Iacobus Dei gracia rex Aragonum, Valencie, Sardinie, et Corsice ac comes Barchinone. He was the second son of Peter III of Aragon and Constance of Sicily
Dec 17 Emperor Go-Uda the 91st emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1274 through 1287

Died in 1267

Jan 4 Beatrice of Savoy the daughter of Thomas I of Savoy and Margaret of Geneva. She was Countess consort of Provence by her marriage to Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence
Sep 23 Beatrice of Provence Countess of Provence and Forcalquier. She was also a Queen consort of Sicily by marriage to King Charles I of Sicily
Sep 30 John Count of Chalon a French nobleman, the Count of Auxonne and Chalon-sur-Saône in his own right and regent of the County of Burgundy in right of his son, Hugh III.
Oct 9 Otto III Margrave of Brandenburg Margrave of Brandenburg jointly with his elder brother John I until John died in 1266. Otto III then ruled alone, until his death, the following year
Nov 14 Casimir I of Kuyavia Prince of Kujawy, Mazovia and Wielkopolska, from 1233 until his death. He was the son of Konrad I of Masovia, High Duke of Poland, and his wife Agafia of Rus
Nov 26 Sylvester Gozzolini an Italian saint, the founder of the religious order known as the Sylvestrines.
Dec 5 Hugh II of Cyprus king of Cyprus and, from the age of 5 years, also Regent of the Kingdom of Jerusalem.