1271 in history

1271 events chronologically

Apr 8 In Syria, sultan Baybars conquers the Krak of Chevaliers
Sep 8 John XXI chosen as Pope
Dec 18 Kublai Khan renames his empire "Yuan" (元 yuán), officially marking the start of the Yuan Dynasty of Mongolia and China

Born in 1271

Mar 13 Judith of Habsburg the youngest daughter of Rudolph I of Germany and his wife Gertrude of Hohenburg. Judith was a member of the Habsburg family
Mar 14 Stephen I Duke of Bavaria duke of Lower Bavaria from 1290 until 1310 as co-regnant of his older brothers Otto III and Louis III.
Sep 8 Charles Martel of Anjou the eldest son of king Charles II of Naples and Maria of Hungary, the daughter of King Stephen V of Hungary.
Sep 27 Wenceslaus II of Bohemia King of Bohemia , Duke of Cracow , and King of Poland.
Nov 2 Emperor Gong of Song the 7th Emperor of the Chinese Southern Song Dynasty. He reigned from 1274 until his abdication in 1276 CE when he was succeeded by his elder brother, Emperor Duanzong of Song
Nov 5 Ghazan the seventh ruler of the Mongol Empire's Ilkhanate division in modern-day Iran from 1295 to 1304. He was the son of Arghun and Quthluq Khatun, continuing a long line of rulers who were direct descendants of Genghis Khan. Considered the most prominent of the Ilkhans, he is best known for making a political conversion to Islam in 1295 when he took the throne, marking a turning point for the dominant religion of Mongols in Central Asia. His principal wife was Kokechin, a Mongol princess sent by Kublai Khan, and escorted from the Mongol capital to the Ilkhanate by Marco Polo

Died in 1271

Jan 18 Saint Margaret of Hungary a Dominican nun and the daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina. She was the younger sister of Kinga of Poland and the Blessed Yolanda of Poland and, through her father, the niece of the famed Saint Elizabeth of Hungary
Jan 28 Isabella of Aragon Queen of France by marriage Queen consort of France from 1270 to 1271.
Mar 13 Henry of Almain the son of Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall and Isabel Marshal.
Apr 17 Isabella of France Queen of Navarre a daughter of Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence. She was married to Theobald II of Navarre, eldest son of Theobald I of Navarre and Margaret of Navarre on 6 April 1255. Isabelle became Queen consort of Navarre
Apr 25 Master Gerhard the first master mason of Cologne Cathedral. He was also known as Gerhard von Rile or by the Latin version of his name, Meister Gerardus
Aug 21 Alphonse Count of Poitiers the Count of Poitou from 1225 and Count of Toulouse from 1249.
Aug 25 Joan Countess of Toulouse Countess of Toulouse from 1249 until her death. She was the only child of Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse by his first wife Sancha, daughter of King Alfonso II of Aragon