1275 in history

1275 events chronologically

Oct 27 Traditional founding of the city of Amsterdam

Born in 1275

Mar 15 Margaret of England Duchess of Brabant the tenth child and seventh daughter of King Edward I of England and his first wife, Eleanor of Castile. Her husband was John II, Duke of Brabant, whom she married in 1290; the year of her mother's death. Margaret and John had one child, John III, Duke of Brabant
Aug 15 Lorenzo Tiepolo Doge of Venice from 1268 until his death.
Sep 27 John II Duke of Brabant Duke of Brabant, Lothier and Limburg. He was the son of John I of Brabant and Margaretha of Flanders, daughter of Guy of Dampierre

Died in 1275

Jan 6 Raymond of Penyafort a Catalan Dominican friar in the 13th-century, who compiled the Decretals of Gregory IX, a collection of canon laws that remained a major part of Church law until the 20th century. He is honored as a saint in the Catholic Church and is the patron saint of lawyers, especially canon lawyers
Jan 26 Ulrich von Liechtenstein a minnesinger and poet of the Middle Ages. He wrote poetry in Middle High German and was author of noted works about how knights and nobles may lead more virtuous lives. Ulrich was member of a wealthy and influential ministerialis family from Styria. He was born about 1200 at Murau in the Duchy of Styria, located in the present-day State of Austria. His family, a cadet branch of the Bavarian Aribonids named after their castle palace seat in Liechtenstein south-east of Judenburg, was not affiliated with the Austrian House of Liechtenstein
Feb 26 Margaret of England Queen of Scots as the wife of King Alexander III.
Mar 24 Beatrice of England a Princess of England as the daughter of King Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence. Her siblings were Edward I of England, Margaret, Queen of Scotland, Edmund Crouchback, 1st Earl of Lancaster, Richard of England, John of England, Katherine of England, William of England, and Henry of England. She and her family were members of the Royal house of Plantagenet, which first ruled in the 12th century and was founded by Henry II of England
Apr 13 Eleanor of Leicester the youngest child of King John of England and Isabella of Angoulême.
May 29 Sophie of Thuringia Duchess of Brabant the second wife and only Duchess consort of Henry II, Duke of Brabant and Lothier. She was the heiress of Hesse which she passed on to her son, Henry upon her retention of the territory following her partial victory in the War of the Thuringian Succession in which she was one of the belligerents. Sophie was the founder of the Brabant dynasty of Hesse
Sep 24 Humphrey de Bohun 2nd Earl of Hereford 2nd Earl of Hereford and 1st Earl of Essex, as well as Constable of England. He was the son of Henry de Bohun, 1st Earl of Hereford and Maud of Essex