Died in 1279

Feb 16 Afonso III of Portugal the first to use the title King of Portugal and the Algarve, from 1249. He was the second son of King Afonso II of Portugal and his wife, Urraca of Castile; he succeeded his brother, King Sancho II of Portugal, who was removed from the throne on 4 January 1248
Mar 8 Adelaide Countess of Burgundy Countess of Burgundy from 1248 until her death. She was also Countess of Savoy and Bresse through her marriage in 1267 to Philip I, Count of Savoy
Mar 16 Joan Countess of Ponthieu Queen consort of Castile and León , suo jure Countess of Ponthieu and Aumale. Her daughter, the English queen Eleanor of Castile, was her successor in Ponthieu. Her son and co-ruler in Aumale, Ferdinand II, Count of Aumale, predeceased her, so she was succeeded by her grandson John I, Count of Aumale, deceased at the Battle of Courtrai, 11 July 1302
Mar 19 Emperor Bing of Song the last emperor of the Southern Song Dynasty of China. He was also known as Lord Perpetual-Nation
Apr 14 Bolesław the Pious a Duke of Greater Poland during 1239–1247 , Duke of Kalisz during 1247–1249, Duke of Gniezno during 1249–1250, Duke of Gniezno-Kalisz during 1253–1257, Duke of whole Greater Poland and Poznań during 1257–1273, in 1261 ruler over Ląd, regent of the Duchies of Masovia, Płock and Czersk during 1262–1264, ruler over Bydgoszcz during 1268–1273, Duke of Inowrocław during 1271–1273, and Duke of Gniezno-Kalisz since 1273 until his death.
Aug 15 Albert I Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg from 1252 and the first ruler of the newly created Principality of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel from 1269 until his death.
Sep 11 Robert Kilwardby an Archbishop of Canterbury in England and as well as a cardinal. Kilwardby was the first member of a mendicant order to attain a high ecclesisatical office in the English Church
Sep 18 Ulrich II Count of Württemberg Count of Württemberg from 1265 until 1279.
Dec 7 Bolesław V the Chaste Duke of Sandomierz in Lesser Poland from 1232 and High Duke of Poland from 1243 until his death.