1280 in history

1280 events chronologically

Jun 23 The Battle of Moclín takes place in the context of the Spanish Reconquista pitting the forces of the Kingdom of Castile against the Emirate of Granada. The battle resulted in a Granadian victory

Born in 1280

May 5 John I Count of Blois count of Blois from 1241 to 1280 and lord of Avesnes.

Died in 1280

Feb 10 Margaret II Countess of Flanders countess of Flanders from 1244 to 1278 and also, countess of Hainaut from 1244 to 1253 and again from 1257 until her death.
May 9 Magnus VI of Norway King of Norway from 1263 to 1280. One of his greatest achievements was his modernisation and nationalisation of the Norwegian law-code, after which he is known as Magnus the Law-mender. He was the first Norwegian monarch known to personally have used an ordinal number, although originally counting himself as "IV"
Jun 2 Yolande II Countess of Nevers the daughter of Odo of Burgundy, and Matilda II, Countess of Nevers.
Aug 22 Pope Nicholas III Pope from 25 November 1277 to his death in 1280.
Nov 15 Albertus Magnus O.P. also known as Albert the Great and Albert of Cologne, is a Catholic saint. He was a German Dominican friar and a Catholic bishop. He was known during his lifetime as doctor universalis and doctor expertus and, late in his life, the term magnus was appended to his name. Scholars such as James Weisheipl and Joachim Söder have referred to him as the greatest German philosopher and theologian of the Middle Ages. The Catholic Church honours him as a Doctor of the Church, one of only 35 so honoured