1281 in history

1281 events chronologically

Aug 15 Mongol invasion of Japan: The Mongolian fleet of Kublai Khan is destroyed by a "divine wind" for the second time in the Battle of Kōan

Born in 1281

Aug 4 Külüg Khan Emperor Wuzong of Yuan regarded as the seventh Great Khan of the Mongols in Mongolia. His name means "warrior Khan or fine horse Khan" in the Mongolian language
Dec 6 Kirill III of Kiev a church figure, and the metropolitan of Kiev. close to a Horde Meng-king Timur. In Russian chronicles record that King Meng-Timur and Metropolitan Kirill sent Sarayskiy Bishop Theognostus to the Emperor Michael VIII and the Patriarch of Constantinople as their joint envoy with letters and gifts from each of them. This embassy is probably held around 1278, as Feognost returned to Barn in 1279

Died in 1281

Feb 16 Gertrude of Hohenburg the first wife of Rudolph I of Germany.
Sep 10 John II Margrave of Brandenburg-Stendal co-ruler of Brandenburg with his brother Otto "with the arrow" from 1266 until his death. He also used the title Lord of Krossen, after a town in the Neumark
Dec 24 Henry V of Luxembourg the count of Arlon from 1226 to his death, lord of Ligny from 1240 to his death, count of Luxembourg and Laroche from 1247 to his death, and the count of Namur between 1256 and 1264 as Henry III. He was the son and successor of Waleran III of Limburg and Ermesinda of Luxembourg