Died in 1285

Jan 7 Charles I of Naples the King of Sicily by conquest from 1266, though he had received it as a papal grant in 1262 and was expelled from the island in the aftermath of the Sicilian Vespers of 1282. Thereafter, he claimed the island, though his power was restricted to the peninsular possessions of the kingdom, with his capital at Naples
Feb 8 Theodoric of Landsberg from 1265 Margrave of Landsberg. He was the second son of Henry the Illustrious and Constance of Babenberg. He was a member of the House of Wettin
Mar 28 Pope Martin IV Pope from 21 February 1281 to his death in 1285.
May 20 John II of Jerusalem the eldest son of Hugh III of Cyprus and Isabella of Ibelin. He succeeded his father as King of Cyprus on March 24 and was crowned at Santa Sophia, Nicosia on May 11, 1284. His succession as King of Jerusalem was opposed by Charles of Anjou, who had also disrupted his father's succession. John died the following year on 20 May, having never married and leaving no children. He was buried in the church of Demetrius or according to some Santa Sophia, in Nicosia. According to some authors he was poisoned by his brothers, one of whom, Henry II, succeeded him in Cyprus and Jerusalem. He died unmarried and without issue
Jul 30 John I Duke of Saxony the elder son of Duke Albert I of Saxony and his third wife Helen of Brunswick and Lunenburg, a daughter of Otto the Child. John and his younger brother Albert II jointly ruled the Duchy of Saxony after the death of their father Albert I in 1260
Aug 16 Philip I Count of Savoy the Count of Savoy from 1268 to 1285. Before this, he was the Bishop of Valence , Dean of Vienne and Archbishop of Lyon
Sep 9 Kunigunda of Halych Queen consort of Bohemia and its Regent from 1278 until her death. She was a member of the House of Chernigov, and a daughter of Rostislav Mikhailovich
Oct 5 Philip III of France a Capetian King of France who reigned from 1270 to 1285.
Nov 2 Peter III of Aragon the King of Aragon of Valencia , and Count of Barcelona from 1276 to his death. He conquered Sicily and became its king in 1282, pressing the claim of his wife, Constance. He was one of the greatest of medieval Aragonese monarchs