1296 in history

1296 events chronologically

Mar 30 Edward I sacks Berwick-upon-Tweed, during armed conflict between Scotland and England
Apr 27 First War of Scottish Independence: John Balliol's Scottish army is defeated by an English army commanded by John de Warenne, 6th Earl of Surrey at the Battle of Dunbar

Born in 1296

May 18 William de Valence 1st Earl of Pembroke a French nobleman and Knight, who became important in English politics due to his relationship to Henry III. He was heavily involved in the Second Barons' War, supporting the King and Prince Edward against the rebels led by Simon de Montfort. He took the name de Valence
Jun 6 Władysław of Legnica a Duke of Legnica during 1296-1312 , of Brzeg and Wrocław during 1296-1311.
Aug 10 John of Bohemia the Count of Luxembourg from 1309 and King of Bohemia from 1310 and titular King of Poland. He was the eldest son of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry VII and his wife Margaret of Brabant. He is well known for having died while fighting in the Battle of Crécy at age 50, after having been blind for a decade

Top 7 most famous people died in 1296

Feb 8 Przemysł II the Duke of Poznań during 1257-1279, of Greater Poland during 1279-1296, of Kraków during 1290-1291 and Gdańsk Pomerania during 1294-1296, and then King of Poland from 1295 until his death. After a long period of Polish High Dukes, and two nominal kings, he was the first to obtain the hereditary title of King, and for Poland the rank of Kingdom
Feb 22 Henry V Duke of Legnica a Duke of Jawor from 1273, of Legnica from 1278, and also Duke of Wrocław from 1290.
May 19 Pope Celestine V Pope for five months from 5 July to 13 December 1294, when he resigned. He was also a monk and hermit who founded the order of the Celestines
Jun 5 Edmund Crouchback the second surviving son of King Henry III of England of the House of Plantagenet and Queen Eleanor of Provence. In his childhood he had a claim on the Kingdom of Sicily, but he never ruled there. In 1265 he was granted all the lands of Simon de Montfort and from 1267 he was titled Earl of Leicester. In that year he also began to rule Lancashire, but he did not take the title Earl of Lancaster until 1276. Between 1276 and 1284 he was also Count of Champagne and Brie, governing those counties in right of his second wife, Blanche of Artois, until her daughter from a previous marriage came of age. His nickname, "Crouchback" , refers to his participation in the Ninth Crusade
Jun 27 Floris V Count of Holland reigned as Count of Holland and Zeeland from 1256 until 1296. His life was documented in detail in the Rijmkroniek by Melis Stoke, his chronicler. He is credited with a mostly peaceful reign, modernizing administration, policies beneficial to trade, generally acting in the interests of his peasants at the expense of nobility, and reclaiming land from the sea. His dramatic murder engineered by King Edward I of England and Guy, Count of Flanders, made him a hero in Holland
Aug 9 Hugh Count of Brienne the second surviving son of Count Walter IV of Brienne and Marie de Lusignan of Cyprus.
Nov 1 Guillaume Durand a French canonist and liturgical writer, and Bishop of Mende.