1301 in history

1301 events chronologically

Jan 14 Andrew III of Hungary dies, ending the Árpád dynasty in Hungary
Feb 7 Edward of Caernarvon (later King Edward II of England) becomes the first English Prince of Wales

Born in 1301

Jul 23 Otto Duke of Austria a Duke of Austria and the youngest son of Albert I of Germany and Elisabeth of Tirol.
Aug 5 Edmund of Woodstock 1st Earl of Kent the son of Edward I of England, and a younger half-brother of Edward Edward I had intended to make substantial grants of land to Edmund, but when the king died in 1307, Edward II failed to follow through on his father's intentions, much due to his favouritism towards Piers Gaveston. Edmund still remained loyal to his brother, and in 1321 he was created Earl of Kent. He played an important part in Edward's administration, acting both as diplomat and military commander, and in 1321–22 helped suppress a rebellion against the king
Sep 24 Ralph de Stafford 1st Earl of Stafford an English nobleman and notable soldier during the Hundred Years War against France.
Oct 7 Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver a Prince of Tver as Alexander I and Grand Prince of Vladimir-Suzdal as Alexander II.

Died in 1301

Jan 14 Andrew III of Hungary King of Hungary and Croatia between 1290 and 1301. His father, Stephen the Posthumous, was the son of Andrew II of Hungary, but his brothers considered him a bastard. Andrew grow up in Venice. He first arrived in Hungary upon the invitation of a rebellious baron, Ivan Kőszegi in 1278, but achieved nothing against Ladislaus IV
Nov 9 Bolko I the Strict a Duke of Lwówek during 1278–81 and Jawor since 1278 , sole Duke of Lwówek since 1286, Duke of Świdnica-Ziębice since 1291.