1303 in history

1303 events chronologically

Feb 24 Battle of Roslin, of the First War of Scottish Independence
Apr 20 The Sapienza University of Rome is instituted by Pope Boniface VIII
Aug 26 Ala ud din Khilji captures Chittorgarh
Sep 7 Guillaume de Nogaret takes Pope Boniface VIII prisoner on behalf of Philip IV of France

Born in 1303

Feb 22 Gegeen Khan Emperor Yingzong of Yuan regarded as the ninth Great Khan of the Mongols in Mongolia. His name means "enlightened/bright khan" in the Mongolian language
Apr 15 Catherine of Valois (1303–1346) titular Empress of Constantinople from 1308 to her death as Catherine She was Princess consort of Achaea and Taranto, and also regent of Achaia from 1332 to 1341, and Governor of Cephalonia from 1341 to her death.

Died in 1303

Mar 4 Daniel of Moscow the youngest son of Alexander Nevsky and forefather of all the Grand Princes of Moscow.
May 19 Ivo of Kermartin Saint Ivo of Kermartin, T.O.S.F. also known Yvo or Ives, as Erwann and as Yves Hélory , was a parish priest among the poor of Louannec, the only one of his station to be canonized in the Middle Ages. He is the patron of Brittany, lawyers and abandoned children. His feast day is 19 May. Poetically, he is referred to as "Advocate of the Poor"
Jul 8 Procopius of Ustyug a fool for Christ , a miracle worker, saint of Russian Orthodox Church, formerly a merchant from Lübeck. He was born in Germany, a Roman Catholic merchant who converted to Eastern Orthodox Christianity during his travels
Aug 8 Henry of Castile the Senator a Castilian infante, the fourth son of Ferdinand III of Castile by his first wife, Beatrice of Swabia.
Aug 25 Ninshō a Japanese Shingon Risshu priest during the Kamakura period. His was instrumental in reviving Ritsu Buddhism during this period, as well as establishing facilities to care for invalids. He was criticized by his contemporary Nichiren
Oct 11 Pope Boniface VIII Pope from 24 December 1294 to his death in 1303.
Oct 27 Beatrice of Castile (1242–1303) the second Queen consort of Afonso III of Portugal.