Died in 1310

Apr 26 Constance of Béarn suo jure Viscountess of Marsan as well as titular Countess of Bigorre, daughter of Gaston VII, Viscount of Béarn and his first wife Martha of Marsan. Constance inherited all of her titles from her mother and contended to inherit her father's Viscount of Béarn. She was married three times during her lifetime, marrying into the royal families of Aragon, Castile and England. "
May 22 Saint Humility considered the founder of the Vallumbrosan Nuns.
May 25 Otto III Duke of Carinthia a member of the Meinhardiner family. He was Duke of Carinthia from 1295 to 1310. He was also Count of Gorizia and Vienna. He was a son of Meinhard, Duke of Carinthia and his wife Elisabeth of Bavaria
Jun 1 Marguerite Porete a French mystic and the author of The Mirror of Simple Souls, a work of Christian spirituality dealing with the workings of Divine Love. She was burnt at the stake for heresy in Paris in 1310 after a lengthy trial, after refusing to remove her book from circulation or recant her views. The book is cited as one the primary texts of the medieval Heresy of the Free Spirit
Jun 5 Amalric Prince of Tyre a son of Hugh III of Cyprus and Isabella of Ibelin.
Oct 1 Beatrice of Burgundy Lady of Bourbon Lady of Bourbon and, through her mother, heiress of all Bourbon estates. She was the daughter of John of Burgundy and Agnes of Dampierre. In 1272 Beatrice married Robert, Count of Clermont and their eldest son Louis I, le Boiteux became the first Duke of Bourbon. It is through her that her distant male descendants of the French House of Bourbon get their name
Oct 14 Blanche of Anjou also known as Blanche of Naples.
Oct 28 Athanasius I of Constantinople the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople for two terms, from 1289 to 1293 and 1303 to 1309. He was born in Adrianople and died in Constantinople. Chosen by the emperor Andronicus II Palaeologus as patriarch, he opposed the reunion of the Greek and Roman Churches and introduced an ecclesiastic reform that evoked opposition within the clergy. He resigned in 1293 and was restored in 1303 with popular support. The pro-Union clerical faction forced him into retirement in early 1310
Dec 10 Stephen I Duke of Bavaria duke of Lower Bavaria from 1290 until 1310 as co-regnant of his older brothers Otto III and Louis III.