1312 in history

Born in 1312

Jan 28 Joan II of Navarre Queen of Navarre from 1328 until her death. She was the only child of Louis the Quarreler, King of France and Navarre, and Margaret of Burgundy. Because Margaret was known to have been involved in an extramarital affair, Joan's paternity was questioned by those who wished to refute her claim to the thrones of France, Navarre and Champagne
Mar 12 John de Vere 7th Earl of Oxford the nephew and heir of Robert de Vere, 6th Earl of Oxford who succeeded as Earl of Oxford in 1331, after his uncle died without issue.
Aug 28 Henry XV Duke of Bavaria as duke of Lower Bavaria also called Henry III.
Nov 13 Edward III of England noted for his military success and for restoring royal authority after the disastrous reign of his father, Edward Edward III transformed the Kingdom of England into one of the most formidable military powers in Europe. His reign also saw vital developments in legislation and government—in particular the evolution of the English parliament—as well as the ravages of the Black Death. He is one of only six British monarchs to have ruled England or its successor kingdoms for more than fifty years

Top 7 most famous people died in 1312

May 1 Paul I Šubić of Bribir a Croatian leader and most outstanding member of the Šubić noble family from Bribir. He was the Ban of Croatia from 1275 and Lord of all of Bosnia from 1305 until his death in 1312. He ruled from his seat in the fortified town of Bribir, where he erected, along with his castle, the three-aisled basilica of Mary inside the Franciscan convent
Jun 19 Piers Gaveston 1st Earl of Cornwall an English nobleman of Gascon origin, and the favourite of King Edward II of England.
Aug 27 Arthur II Duke of Brittany Duke of Brittany from 1305 to his death. He was the first son of John II and Beatrice, daughter of Henry III of England and Eleanor of Provence
Sep 7 Ferdinand IV of Castile a king of Castile and León and Galicia. He was a son of Sancho El Bravo and his wife Maria de Molina
Oct 27 John II Duke of Brabant Duke of Brabant, Lothier and Limburg. He was the son of John I of Brabant and Margaretha of Flanders, daughter of Guy of Dampierre
Oct 28 Elizabeth of Carinthia Queen of Germany Queen of the Romans, Queen of Germany and Duchess of Austria by marriage. She is also known as Elizabeth of Tyrol
Nov 9 Otto III Duke of Bavaria Duke of Lower Bavaria from 1290 to 1312 and disputably King of Hungary and Croatia between 1305 and 1307 as Béla V.