Died in 1315

Mar 10 Agnes Blannbekin an Austrian Beguine and Christian mystic. She was also referred to as Saint Agnes Blannbekin or the Venerable Agnes Blannbekin, though never beatified or canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. Her controversial revelations were compiled by her confessor Ermenrich and later published in 1731 as Venerabilis Agnetis Blannbekin. The copies were confiscated by the Society of Jesus, and only two manuscripts survived. One was destroyed in a fire at the Straßburg library in 1870. The surviving manuscript, currently owned by a Cistercian convent in Zwettl, Austria, was not released until the 20th century. Although Blannbekin is best remembered today for her visions, during her life she was known for her ministry to the urban population
Apr 30 Enguerrand de Marigny a French chamberlain and minister of Philip IV the Fair.
May 9 Hugh V Duke of Burgundy Duke of Burgundy between 1306 and 1315.
Jun 27 Mieszko I Duke of Cieszyn a Duke of Racibórz during 1282–1290 and the first Duke of Cieszyn since 1290 until his death.
Aug 14 Margaret of Burgundy Queen of France Queen of France and Navarre as the first wife King Louis X and I.
Aug 29 Charles of Taranto the eldest son of Philip I, Prince of Taranto and titular Latin Emperor of Constantinople, and his wife, Thamar Angelina Komnene, daughter of the Despot of Epirus, Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas.
Aug 29 Peter Tempesta the Count of Eboli from 1306. He was the eighth son of Charles II of Naples and Mary of Hungary. His sobriquet came from his stormy temperament
Dec 13 Gaston I Count of Foix the 9th Count of Foix, the 22nd Viscount of Béarn and Co-Prince of Andorra.