Died in 1316

Mar 2 Marjorie Bruce the eldest daughter of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots by his first wife, Isabella of Mar, and the founder of the Stewart dynasty. Her marriage to Walter, High Steward of Scotland gave rise to the House of Stewart. Her son was the first Stewart monarch, King Robert II of Scotland. Her father remarried, after a certain period of time, Elizabeth de Burgh
Mar 12 Stefan Dragutin of Serbia a 13th and 14th-century Serb monarch, the King of Serbia from 1276 to 1282 and King of Syrmia from 1282 to 1316.
May 5 Elizabeth of Rhuddlan the eighth and youngest daughter of King Edward I and Queen Eleanor of Castile. Of all of her siblings, she was closest to her younger brother King Edward II, as they were only two years apart in age
Jun 5 Louis X of France a monarch of the House of Capet who ruled as King of Navarre and Count of Champagne from 1305 and as King of France from 1314 until his death.
Jul 5 Ferdinand of Majorca the third son of James II of Majorca, Viscount of Aumelas and Lord of Frontignan.
Aug 2 Louis of Burgundy a younger son of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy and Agnes of France.
Nov 20 John I of France a Capetian King of France and Navarre, and Count of Champagne, as the posthumous son and successor of Louis the Quarreler, for the five days he lived. He thus had the shortest undisputed recognized reign of any French king. The son of Louis the Quarreler and Clementia of Hungary, sister of Charles I of Hungary, he is the only person to be King of France since birth, and thus, the youngest King of France and the only person to have been King of France during his entire lifetime
Dec 16 Öljaitü the eighth Ilkhanid dynasty ruler in Tabriz, Iran from 1304 to 1316. His name "Ölziit" means "blessed" in the Mongolian language
Dec 22 Giles of Rome an archbishop of Bourges who was famed for his logician commentary on the Organon by Aristotle. Giles was styled Doctor Fundatissimus by Pope Benedict XIV. He was Prior General of the Augustinian order, and also authored two other important works, De Ecclesiastica Potestate, a major text of early 14th century papalism, and De Regimine Principum, a guide book for princes