1326 in history

1326 events chronologically

Jun 3 The Treaty of Novgorod delineates borders between Russia and Norway in Finnmark

Born in 1326

Mar 5 Louis I of Hungary King of Hungary and Croatia from 1342 and King of Poland from 1370 until his death.
Mar 30 Ivan II of Moscow the Grand Prince of Moscow and Grand Prince of Vladimir in 1353. Until that date, he had ruled the towns of Ruza and Zvenigorod. He was the second son of Ivan Kalita, and succeeded his brother Simeon the Proud, who died of the Black Death
May 1 Rinchinbal Khan Emperor Ningzong of Yuan a son of Kuśala who was briefly installed to the throne of the Yuan Dynasty, but died soon after he seized the throne of Great Khan of the Mongols and Emperor of China. He was the shortest-reigning Mongol emperor in history
May 8 Joan I Countess of Auvergne the daughter of William XII, Count of Auvergne and Boulogne, by his wife, Margaret, a sister of Philip III of Navarre. She was Queen of France by her marriage to King John She inherited the counties of Auvergne and Boulogne after the death of her father
Jun 29 Murad I the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1362 to 1389. He was the son of Orhan and the Valide Sultan Nilüfer Hatun and became the ruler following his father's death in 1362
Dec 20 Peter of Moscow the Russian metropolitan who moved his see from Vladimir to Moscow in 1325. Later he was proclaimed a patron saint of Moscow. In spite of the move, the office remained officially entitled "Metropolitan of Kiev and All Rus'" until the autocephalous election of Jonah in 1448

Top 7 most famous people died in 1326

Feb 28 Leopold I Duke of Austria Duke of Austria and Styria – as co-ruler with his elder brother Frederick the Fair – from 1308 until his death. Born at Vienna, he was the third son of King Albert I of Germany and Elisabeth of Gorizia-Tyrol, a scion of the Meinhardiner dynasty
Mar 26 Alessandra Giliani the first woman to be recorded in historical documents as practicing anatomy.
May 6 Bernard of Świdnica a Duke of Jawor-Lwówek-Świdnica-Ziębice during 1301–1312 , of Świdnica-Ziębice during 1312–1322 , and sole Duke of Świdnica since 1322 until his death.
Sep 15 Dmitry of Tver a Grand Prince of Vladimir and Grand Prince of Tver. He was a son of Mikhail of Tver and Anna of Kashin
Oct 27 Hugh le Despenser 1st Earl of Winchester for a time the chief adviser to King Edward II of England.
Nov 17 Edmund FitzAlan 9th Earl of Arundel an English nobleman prominent in the conflict between Edward II and his barons. His father, Richard FitzAlan, 2nd Earl of Arundel, died 09/03/1301 while Edmund was still a minor. He therefore became a ward of John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, and married Warenne's granddaughter Alice. In 1306 he was styled Earl of Arundel, and served under Edward I in the Scottish Wars, for which he was richly rewarded
Nov 24 Hugh Despenser the Younger the son and heir of Hugh le Despenser, Earl of Winchester , and Isabella daughter of William, 9th Earl of Warwick. He rose to national prominence as royal chamberlain and a favourite of Edward II of England. A series of subsequent controversies eventually led to his being hanged, drawn and quartered