Died in 1328

Jan 17 Otto I Landgrave of Hesse Landgrave of Hesse from 1308 until his death.
Jan 18 Engelbert II of the Mark Count of the Mark and through marriage, Count of Arenberg.
Feb 1 Charles IV of France Count of Champagne, King of Navarre , and the last "direct" Capetian King of France from 1322 to his death. Charles was the third son of Philip IV; like his father, he was known as "the fair" or "the handsome"
Jul 29 Gerhard V of Jülich the youngest son of William IV, Count of Jülich and Richardis of Guelders, daughter of Gerard III, Count of Guelders.
Aug 6 Galeazzo I Visconti lord of Milan from 1322 to 1327.
Aug 15 Yesün Temür Khan Emperor Taiding of Yuan a great-grandson of Kublai Khan and ruled as Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty from 1323 to 1328. He is regarded as the 10th Khagan of the Mongols in Mongolia. In Chinese, Yesün Temür Khan, who was very fond of the traditional ways of the Mongols, is known as the Emperor Taiding from his era's name. His name means "nine iron Khan" in the Mongolian language
Sep 3 Castruccio Castracani an Italian condottiero and duke of Lucca.
Sep 26 Ibn Taymiyyah a Sunni Islamic scholar , Sunni Islamic philosopher, Sunni theologian and logician. He lived during the troubled times of the Mongol invasions. He was a member of the school founded by Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and is considered by his followers, along with Ibn Qudamah, as one of the two most significant proponents of Hanbalism; in the modern era, his adherents often refer to the two as "the two sheikhs" and Ibn Taymiyyah in particular as "Sheikh ul-Islam". Ibn Taymiyyah was notable for having sought the return of Sunni Islam to what he viewed as earlier interpretations of the Qur'an and the Sunnah, and is considered to have had considerable influence in contemporary Wahhabism, Salafism, and Jihadism. He is renowned for his fatwa issued against the Mongol rulers declaring jihad by Muslims against them compulsory, on the grounds that they did not follow Sharia and as such were not Muslim, their claims to have converted to Islam notwithstanding. His teachings had a profound influence on the Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab, and other later Sunni scholars
Oct 12 Clementia of Hungary queen of France and Navarre as the second wife of King Louix X.
Nov 9 Charles Duke of Calabria the son of King Robert of Naples and Yolanda of Aragon.
Nov 14 Ragibagh Khan Emperor Tianshun of Yuan a son of Yesün Temür who was briefly installed to the throne of the Yuan Dynasty in Shangdu in 1328. Although he should have been the seventh ruler of the Yuan Dynasty in succession to his father Yesün Temür Khan, or Emperor Taiding, he was dethroned by his rival who was installed by coup before Ragibagh's succession. He is regarded as the 11th Great Khan of the Mongols in Mongolia
Dec 31 Giovanni Soranzo a Venetian statesman who served as the fiftieth Doge of Venice. He ascended to the position on July 13, 1312, and served until his death. Soranzo was a member of a noble and ancient family; he was married to Franchesina. In 1310 his son-in-law, Niccolo' Querini was exiled for life from Venice for taking part in Bajamonte Tiepolo's conspiracy to overthrow the state. Soranzo was succeeded as Doge by Francesco Dandolo