1333 in history

1333 events chronologically

Jul 19 Wars of Scottish Independence: Battle of Halidon Hill – The English win a decisive victory over the Scots
Nov 3 The River Arno flooding causing massive damage in Florence as recorded by the Florentine chronicler Giovanni Villani

Born in 1333

Mar 3 Frederick V Burgrave of Nuremberg a Burgrave of Nuremberg, of the House of Hohenzollern.
May 13 Reginald III Duke of Guelders Duke of Guelders and Count of Zutphen from 1343 to 1361, and again in 1371. He was the son of Reginald II of Guelders and of Eleanor of Woodstock, daughter of Edward II of England
Jul 10 Roger de Clifford 5th Baron de Clifford the son of Robert de Clifford, 3rd Baron de Clifford , second son of Robert de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford , the founder of the northern branch of the family. His mother was Isabella , daughter of Maurice, 2nd Lord Berkeley. He succeeded his elder brother, Robert de Clifford, 4th Baron de Clifford in 1350, on which day he made proof of his age
Jul 19 Alan Stewart of Dreghorn a Scottish nobleman.

Died in 1333

Mar 2 Władysław I the Elbow-high a King of Poland. He was a Duke until 1300, and Prince of Kraków from 1305 until his coronation as King on 20 January 1320. Because of his short height he was nicknamed 'Łokietek', a diminutive of the word 'łokieć'. It translates as "ell" or "elbow", a medieval measure of length, as in "elbow-high"
May 12 Imelda Lambertini the patroness of First Holy Communicants.
Jun 18 Henry XV Duke of Bavaria as duke of Lower Bavaria also called Henry III.
Jul 19 Archibald Douglas (died 1333) a Scottish noble, Guardian of Scotland and military leader. He is sometimes given the epithet "Tyneman" , but this may be a reference to his great-nephew Archibald Douglas, 4th Earl of Douglas
Aug 25 Muhammed IV Sultan of Granada the Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula from 1325 to 1333. He was the son of Ismail I, Sultan of Granada and the sixth Nasrid ruler of Granada in Iberia. He succeeded his father at ten years old
Oct 16 Antipope Nicholas V an antipope in Italy from 12 May 1328 to 25 July 1330 during the pontificate of Pope John XXII at Avignon. He was the last Imperial antipope, that is, set up by a Holy Roman Emperor