Died in 1336

Jan 20 John de Bohun 5th Earl of Hereford born in St Clement's, Oxford to Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford and Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, a daughter of Edward I of England.
Jan 24 Alfonso IV of Aragon the King of Aragon and Count of Barcelona from 1327 to his death. He was born in Naples, the second son of James II and Blanche of Anjou. His reign saw the incorporation of the County of Urgell, Duchy of Athens, and Duchy of Neopatria into the Crown of Aragon
Mar 12 Guy II Marquis of Namur Count of Namur from 1335 to 1336.
May 17 Emperor Go-Fushimi the 93rd emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1298 to 1301
May 23 Wenceslaus of Płock a member of the House of Piast. He was Duke of Płock from 1313 until his death and was a vassal of Bohemia from 1329
Jul 4 Elizabeth of Aragon more commonly known as Elizabeth of Portugal, T.O.S.F. was queen consort of Portugal, a tertiary of the Franciscan Order and is venerated as a saint of the Roman Catholic Church
Jul 4 Kusunoki Masashige remembered as the ideal of samurai loyalty. His origin has not been validated and it was merely six years between the start of his military campaign in 1331 and his demise in 1336. He received the highest decoration from the Meiji government of Japan in 1880
Sep 5 Charles d'Évreux the son of Louis, Count of Évreux and Margaret of Artois.
Sep 13 John of Eltham Earl of Cornwall the second son of king Edward II of England and his queen Isabella of France. He was heir to the English throne from the date of the abdication of his father to the birth of his nephew Edward, the Black Prince