1343 in history

1343 events chronologically

Jan 14 Arnošt of Pardubice becomes the last bishop of Prague and, subsequently, the first Archbishop of Prague
Jan 27 Pope Clement VI issues the papal bull Unigenitus to justify the power of the pope and the use of indulgences. Nearly 200 years later, Martin Luther would protest this
Apr 23 St. George's Night Uprising commences in the Duchy of Estonia
Aug 2 Olivier de Clisson is found guilty of treason and beheaded at Les Halles in Paris. As a result, his wife, Jeanne de Clisson, sold their holding, bought a fleet of ships, and took to the sea as a pirate to seek revenge against the French King and nobility
Nov 25 A tsunami, caused by an earthquake in the Tyrrhenian Sea, devastates Naples (Italy) and the Maritime Republic of Amalfi, among other places

Born in 1343

May 29 Francesco I Manfredi the lord of Faenza from 1313 until his death. He was the son of Alberghetto Manfredi, one of the main Guelph leader of Romagna, from whom he inherited the lordships of Brisighella, Quarneto and Baccagnano, to which Francesco added other lands starting from 1309
Jun 24 Joan of Valois Queen of Navarre the daughter of John II of France , and his first wife, Bonne of Luxembourg. She married Charles II of Navarre , and became Queen-consort of Navarre
Dec 19 William I Margrave of Meissen Margrave of Meissen. His surname is related to the legend that Saint Benno appeared to him because of his disputes with the Church in a dream and he had an eye gouged out

Died in 1343

Jan 20 Robert King of Naples King of Naples, titular King of Jerusalem and Count of Provence and Forcalquier from 1309 to 1343, the central figure of Italian politics of his time. He was the third but eldest surviving son of King Charles II of Naples the Lame and Maria of Hungary. During his father's lifetime he was styled Duke of Calabria
Jun 22 Aymon Count of Savoy Count of Savoy from 1329 to 1343.
Sep 16 Philip III of Navarre the second son of Louis of Évreux and Margaret of Artois and therefore a grandson of King Philip III of France. Because of this descent, he was a possible heir to the throne of France