Died in 1345

Jan 17 Martino Zaccaria the Lord of Chios from 1314 to 1329, ruler of several other Aegean islands, and baron of Veligosti–Damala and Chalandritsa in the Principality of Achaea. He distinguished himself in the fight against Turkish corsairs in the Aegean Sea, and received the title of "King and Despot of Asia Minor" from the titular Latin Emperor, Philip He was deposed from his rule of Chios by a Byzantine expedition in 1329, and imprisoned in Constantinople until 1337. Martino then returned to Italy, where he was named the Genoese ambassador to the Holy See. In 1343 he was named commander of the Papal squadron in the Smyrniote crusade against Umur Bey, ruler of the Emirate of Aydin, and participated in the storming of Smyrna in October 1344. He was killed, along with several other of the crusade's leaders, in a Turkish attack on 17 January 1345
Feb 18 Siemowit II of Masovia Duke of Masovia from 1310 to 1345. He was a member of the House of Piast. Siemowit was Duke of Warsaw and Liw. In 1313, he became the ruler of Duchy of Rawa. He was regent of Płock
Apr 14 Richard de Bury an English priest, teacher, bishop, writer, and bibliophile. He was a patron of learning and one of the first English collectors of books. He is chiefly remembered for his Philobiblon, written to inculcate in the clergy the pursuit of learning and the love of books. The "Philobiblon" is considered the earliest books to discuss librarianship in-depth
Jun 28 Henry II Duke of Świdnica a Duke of Świdnica from 1326 until his death.
Jul 7 Momchil a 14th-century Bulgarian brigand and local ruler. Initially a member of a bandit gang in the borderlands of Bulgaria, Byzantium and Serbia, Momchil was recruited by the Byzantines as a mercenary. Through his opportunistic involvement in the Byzantine civil war of 1341–1347, where he played the various sides against each other, he became ruler of a large area in the Rhodopes and western Thrace
Jul 18 Adam Orleton an English churchman and royal administrator.
Sep 16 John IV Duke of Brittany John IV, Duke of Brittany, and 6th Earl of Richmond from 1341 to his death. He was the son of Arthur II, Duke of Brittany and his second wife, Yolande de Dreux. He contested the inheritance of the Duchy of Brittany by his niece, Joan of Penthièvre, which led to the War of the Breton Succession, which in turn evolved into being part of the Hundred Years' War between England and France. John's patron in his quest was King Edward III of England. He died in 1345, 19 years before the end of the war, and the victory of his son John V over Joan of Penthièvre and her husband, Charles of Blois
Sep 18 Andrew Duke of Calabria the first husband of Joanna I of Naples, son of Charles I of Hungary and brother of Louis I of Hungary.
Sep 22 Henry 3rd Earl of Lancaster an English nobleman, one of the principals behind the deposition of Edward II of England.
Sep 26 William II Count of Hainaut William IV of Avesnes, William IV of Holland and William III of Zeeland from 1337 to his death, succeeding his father, William He married Joanna, Duchess of Brabant and Limburg in 1334, but had no issue.
Nov 13 Constance of Peñafiel the daughter of Juan Manuel, Prince of Villena , called "el escritor" , Duke of Peñafiel, and his second wife Constance of Aragon, a daughter of James II of Aragon.