Died in 1348

Jan 14 Sesson Yūbai a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk of the Rinzai sect. This priest and poet who is considered "the first important poet of the Five Mountains
Jan 23 Charles Duke of Durazzo a Neapolitan nobleman, the eldest son of John, Duke of Durazzo and Agnes de Périgord.
Feb 2 Narimantas the second eldest son of Gediminas, Grand Duke of Lithuania. During various periods of his life, he ruled Pinsk and Polatsk. In 1333 he was invited by Novgorod's nobles to rule and protect territories in the north, Ladoga, Oreshek and Korela. He started the tradition of Lithuanian mercenary service north of Novgorod on the Swedish border that lasted until Novgorod's fall to Moscow in 1477
Jun 9 Ambrogio Lorenzetti an exceptionally original Italian painter of the Sienese school. He was active from approximately 1317 to 1348. He painted The Allegory of Good and Bad Government in the Sala dei Nove in the Palazzo Pubblico of Siena. His elder brother was the painter Pietro Lorenzetti
Jun 13 Juan Manuel Prince of Villena a Spanish medieval writer, nephew of Alfonso X of Castile, son of Manuel of Castile and Beatrice of Savoy. He inherited from his father the great Seigneury of Villena, receiving the titles of Lord, Duke and lastly Prince of Villena
Aug 1 Blanche of Valois the youngest daughter of Charles of Valois and his third wife Mahaut of Châtillon. She became Queen consort of Germany and Bohemia by her marriage to King and later Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV
Sep 12 Joan the Lame Queen of France as the first wife of King Philip Joan served as regent while her husband fought on military campaigns during the Hundred Years' War.
Oct 29 Eleanor of Portugal Queen of Aragon Queen of Aragon as the wife of King Peter She was born as a Portuguese infanta, the youngest daughter of King Afonso IV of Portugal and his first wife, Beatrice of Castile.
Dec 2 Emperor Hanazono the 95th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. His reign spanned the years from 1308 through 1318