1351 in history

1351 events chronologically

Mar 4 Ramathibodi becomes King of Siam
Mar 26 Combat of the Thirty : Thirty Breton Knights call out and defeat thirty English Knights

Born in 1351

Oct 16 Gian Galeazzo Visconti the first Duke of Milan and ruled the late-medieval city just before the dawn of the Renaissance. He was the great founding patron of the Certosa di Pavia, completing the Visconti Castle at Pavia begun by his father and furthering work on the Duomo of Milan
Nov 1 Leopold III Duke of Austria Duke of Austria from 1365 to 1379, and Duke of Styria, Carniola and Carinthia in 1365–1386.

Died in 1351

May 24 Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Othman a sultan of the Marinid dynasty who reigned in Morocco between 1331 and 1348. In 1333 he captured Gibraltar from the Castilians, although a later attempt to take Tarifa in 1339 ended in fiasco. In North Africa he extended his rule over Tlemcen and Ifriqiya, which together covered the north of what is now Algeria and Tunisia. Under him the Marinid realms in the Maghreb briefly covered an area that rivaled that of the preceding Almohad Caliphate. However, he was forced to retreat due to a revolt of the Arab tribes, was shipwrecked, and lost many of his supporters. His son Abu Inan Faris seized power in Fez. Abu Al-Hasan died in exile in the High Atlas mountains
Jun 3 Mastino II della Scala lord of Verona. He was a member of the famous Scaliger family of northern Italy
Jun 20 Margareta Ebner considered part of the tradition of German mysticism and a visionary. She seems to have been a niece of Christina Ebner, another Dominican nun and member of the group of mystics in the region at that time. She has been beatified by the Catholic Church
Oct 20 Musō Soseki a Rinzai Zen Buddhist monk and teacher, and a calligraphist, poet and garden designer. The most famous monk of his time, he is also known as Musō Kokushi , a honorific conferred to him by Emperor Go-Daigo. His mother was the daughter of Hōjō Masamura , seventh Shikken of the Kamakura shogunate