1354 in history

Died in 1354

Jan 8 Charles de La Cerda Franco-Castilian nobleman and soldier, was the son of Alfonso de la Cerda and Isabelle d'Antoing.
Jan 16 Joanna of Châtillon the wife of Walter V of Brienne. She was Duchess of Athens by marriage. She was the daughter of Gaucher de Châtillon, Constable of France and Isabelle de Dreux. Her paternal grandparents were Gaucher IV de Châtillon and Isabelle de Villehardouin. Her maternal grandparents were Robert de Dreux, Viscount of Chateaudun and Isabelle de Villebéon
Jan 21 Baldwin of Luxembourg the Archbishop-Elector of Trier and Archchancellor of Burgundy from 1307 to his death. From 1328 to 1336, he was the diocesan administrator of the archdiocese of Mainz and from 1331 to 1337 of those of Worms and Speyer. He was one of the most important German prelates of his age
Sep 3 Joanikije II the Serbian Archbishop and first Serbian Patriarch. He was elected Metropolitan of Peć and Archbishop of Serbs on January 3, 1338. Prior to his election, he served as a logotet, royal chancellor, to the Kingdom of Serbia. He was elevated to Patriarch on Palm Sunday, April 6, 1346, done in order for Joanikije to coronate King Stefan Uroš IV Dušan as Emperor on Easter of 1346 with the approval of the Patriarch of Trnovo, Archbishop of Ohrid, and community of Mount Athos. Joanikije continued a tradition of church building, and built, among others, two churches in the Holy Land: the Church of Elias on Mount Carmel and the Church of Nicholas on Mount Tabor. Joanikije died on September 3, 1354, which is his feast day. He was buried in the Peć Monastery
Sep 7 Andrea Dandolo elected the 54th doge of Venice in 1343, replacing Bartolomeo Gradenigo who died in late 1342.
Oct 8 Cola di Rienzo an Italian medieval politician and popular leader, tribune of the Roman people in the mid-14th century.
Oct 19 Yusuf I Sultan of Granada the seventh Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula. He was Sultan between 1333 and 1354