1362 in history

1362 events chronologically

Jan 16 A storm tide in the North Sea destroys the German city of Rungholt on the island of Strand

Born in 1362

Jan 16 Robert de Vere Duke of Ireland a favourite and court companion of King Richard II of England.

Top 7 most famous people died in 1362

Apr 6 James I Count of La Marche the son of Louis I, Duke of Bourbon and Mary of Avesnes. He was Count of Ponthieu from 1351 to 1360, and Count of La Marche from 1356 to his death
May 26 Louis I of Naples a member of the Capetian House of Anjou who reigned as King of Naples, Count of Provence and Forcalquier, and Prince of Taranto.
Jul 11 Anna von Schweidnitz Queen of Bohemia, German Queen, and Empress of the Holy Roman Empire. She was the third wife of Emperor Charles IV
Jul 22 Louis Count of Gravina Count of Gravina and Morrone. He was the son of John of Gravina and Agnes of Périgord
Sep 7 Joan of the Tower born in the Tower of London, was the first wife and Queen consort of David II of Scotland.
Sep 12 Pope Innocent VI Pope from 18 December 1352 to his death in 1362. He was the fifth Avignon Pope
Dec 10 Frederick III Duke of Austria buried in the Ducal Crypt.