1365 in history

Died in 1365

May 17 Louis II Elector of Brandenburg the eldest son of Emperor Louis IV the Bavarian by his second wife, Margaret II, Countess of Hainault, and a member of the House of Wittelsbach. Louis was Duke of Bavaria as Louis VI and Margrave of Brandenburg as Louis As of 1356, he also served as the first Prince-elector of Brandenburg
May 19 John Duke of Ścinawa a Duke of Żagań, Ścinawa, etc. during 1309–1317 , Duke of Poznań during 1312–1314 and sole Duke of Ścinawa since.
Jul 18 Lorenzo Celsi a Venetian statesman who served as the 58th Doge of Venice, from July 16, 1361 until his death.
Nov 1 Rudolf IV Duke of Austria a scion of the House of Habsburg and Duke of Austria and Duke of Styria and Carinthia from 1358, as well as Count of Tyrol from 1363 and first Duke of Carniola from 1364 until his death. After the Habsburgs got nothing from the decree of the Golden Bull in 1356, he gave order to draw up the "Privilegium Maius", a fake document to empower the Austrian rulers
Dec 8 Nicholas II Duke of Opava Duke of Opava from 1318 to 1365 and Duke of Ratibór from 1337 to 1365 and Burgrave of Kladsko from 1350 to 1365 and also chamberlain of the Kingdom of Bohemia.