1370 in history

1370 events chronologically

Feb 17 Northern Crusades: Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Teutonic Knights meet in the Battle of Rudau
Aug 14 Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, grants city privileges to Carlsbad which is subsequently named after him

Born in 1370

Apr 11 Frederick I Elector of Saxony Margrave of Meissen and Elector of Saxony from 1381 until his death. He is not to be confused with his cousin Frederick IV, Landgrave of Thuringia, the son of Balthasar, Landgrave of Thuringia. Frederick the Warlike was never Landgrave of Thuringia
Oct 13 Alianore Holland Countess of March the eldest daughter of Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent, and the wife of Roger Mortimer, 4th Earl of March, heir presumptive to her uncle, King Richard Through her daughter, Anne Mortimer, she was the great-grandmother of the Yorkist kings Edward IV and Richard III. She was Governess to Queen consort Isabella of Valois

Died in 1370

Feb 15 Jean Le Bel a Flemish chronicler. His father, Gilles le Beal des Changes, was an alderman of Liege, where Jean himself was active
May 23 Toghon Temür considered the last Khagan of the Mongol Empire.
Nov 5 Casimir III the Great the last King of Poland from the Piast dynasty, the son of King Władysław I and Duchess Hedwig of Kalisz.
Dec 6 Rudolf II Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg a member of the House of Ascania, He was Elector of Saxony and Duke of Saxe-Wittenberg from 1356 until his death. He was the eldest son of Duke Rudolf I of Saxe-Wittenberg and his wife, Judith of Brandenburg-Salzwedel
Dec 19 Pope Urban V Pope from 28 September 1362 to his death in 1370. He was the sixth Avignon Pope. He was saintly and learned, and widely admired. He was beatified in 1870