1372 in history

Born in 1372

Feb 18 Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani a medieval Shafiite Sunni scholar of Islam who represents the entire realm of the Sunni world in the field of Hadith. He is also known as Shaykh al Islam
Mar 13 Louis I Duke of Orléans Duke of Orléans from 1392 to his death. He was also Count of Valois , Duke of Touraine , Count of Blois , Angoulême , Périgord and Soissons

Died in 1372

Aug 31 Ralph de Stafford 1st Earl of Stafford an English nobleman and notable soldier during the Hundred Years War against France.
Sep 29 Jan I the Scholastic a Duke of Oświęcim from 1324 until his death.