1373 in history

1373 events chronologically

May 13 Julian of Norwich has visions which are later transcribed in her Revelations of Divine Love
Jun 13 Anglo-Portuguese Alliance between England (succeeded by the United Kingdom) and Portugal is the oldest alliance in the world which is still in force

Born in 1373

Mar 31 Catherine of Lancaster Queen of Castile as the wife of King Henry III of Castile.
Jun 25 Joanna II of Naples Queen of Naples from 1414 to her death, upon which the senior Angevin line of Naples became extinct. As a mere formality, she used the title of Queen of Jerusalem, Sicily, and Hungary
Aug 2 Adolph I Duke of Cleves the second Count of Cleves and the fourth Count of Mark.
Sep 22 Thomas le Despenser 1st Earl of Gloucester the son of Edward le Despenser, 1st Baron le Despencer, whom he succeeded in 1375.
Oct 3 Jadwiga of Poland queen of Poland from 1384 to her death. She was a member of the Capetian House of Anjou, the daughter of king Louis I of Hungary and Elizabeth of Bosnia

Died in 1373

Jan 15 Stracimir Balšić a Lord of Zeta, alongside his two brothers Đurađ I and Balša II, in 1362–1372. The Balšić family took over Zeta, a Serbian province, by 1362, during the fall of the Serbian Empire. Stracimir took monastic vows and died in 1373. He left three sons, one of whom later became the Lord of Zeta
Jan 16 Humphrey de Bohun 7th Earl of Hereford the son of William de Bohun, 1st Earl of Northampton and Elizabeth de Badlesmere, and grandson of Humphrey de Bohun, 4th Earl of Hereford by Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, daughter of King Edward He became heir to the Earldom of Hereford after the death of his childless uncle Humphrey de Bohun, 6th Earl of Hereford.
May 16 John I Count of Armagnac Count of Armagnac from 1319 to 1373. In addition to Armagnac he controlled territory in Quercy, Rouergue and Gévaudan. He was the count who initiated the 14th century expansion of the county
Jul 23 Bridget of Sweden a mystic and saint, and founder of the Bridgettines nuns and monks after the death of her husband of twenty years. She was also the mother of Catherine of Vadstena
Sep 11 Isabella Countess of Vertus a French princess and member of the House of Valois, as well as the wife of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Lord of Milan, although she died before her husband's accession.
Nov 3 Joan of Valois Queen of Navarre the daughter of John II of France , and his first wife, Bonne of Luxembourg. She married Charles II of Navarre , and became Queen-consort of Navarre
Dec 7 Rafał of Tarnów a Polish nobleman.