Died in 1389

Feb 13 Margaret of Ravensberg the daughter and heiress of Otto IV, Count of Ravensberg and Margaret of Berg-Windeck.
Feb 28 John VI Count of Harcourt a count of Harcourt. He was son of John V of Harcourt and Blanche of Ponthieu who was the sister of Jeanne of Ponthieu
Apr 15 William I Duke of Bavaria the second son of the emperor Louis IV the Bavarian from his second wife Margaret of Holland and Hainaut. He was also known as William V, Count of Holland, as William III, Count of Hainaut and as William IV, Count of Zeeland
May 19 Dmitry Donskoy Saint Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy , or Dmitry of the Don, sometimes referred to simply as Dmitry , son of Ivan II the Meek of Moscow , reigned as the Prince of Moscow from 1359 and Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1363 to his death. He was the first prince of Moscow to openly challenge Mongol authority in Russia. His nickname, Donskoy , alludes to his great victory against the Tatars in the Battle of Kulikovo which took place on the Don River. He is venerated as a Saint in the Orthodox Church with his feast day on 19 May
Jun 15 Miloš Obilić an Serbian knight in the service of Prince Lazar, during the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. He is not mentioned in contemporary sources, but he features prominently in later accounts of the Serbian defeat at the Battle of Kosovo as the legendary assassin of the Ottoman sultan Murad Although he remains anonymous in the extant sources until the 18th century, the dissemination of the story of Murad's assassination in Florentine, Serbian, Ottoman and Greek sources suggests that versions of it circulated widely across the Balkans within half a century after the event
Jun 15 Lazar of Serbia a medieval Serbian ruler, who created the largest and most powerful state on the territory of the disintegrated Serbian Empire. Lazar's state, known in historiography as Moravian Serbia, comprised the basins of the Great Morava, West Morava, and South Morava Rivers. Lazar ruled it from 1373 until his death in 1389. Lazar's political programme was the reunification of the disintegrated Serbian state under him as the direct successor of the Nemanjić dynasty, which ended in 1371 after two centuries of rule over Serbia. Lazar had a full support from the Serbian Church for this programme, but powerful Serbian nobles did not recognize him as their supreme ruler
Jun 15 Murad I the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, from 1362 to 1389. He was the son of Orhan and the Valide Sultan Nilüfer Hatun and became the ruler following his father's death in 1362
Jul 13 Roger de Clifford 5th Baron de Clifford the son of Robert de Clifford, 3rd Baron de Clifford , second son of Robert de Clifford, 1st Baron de Clifford , the founder of the northern branch of the family. His mother was Isabella , daughter of Maurice, 2nd Lord Berkeley. He succeeded his elder brother, Robert de Clifford, 4th Baron de Clifford in 1350, on which day he made proof of his age
Oct 15 Pope Urban VI Pope from 8 April 1378 to his death in 1389. He was the last Pope to be elected from outside the College of Cardinals