Died in 1391

Jan 16 Muhammed V of Granada the eighth Nasrid ruler of the Moorish Emirate of Granada in Al-Andalus on the Iberian Peninsula.
Feb 16 John V Palaiologos a Byzantine emperor, who succeeded his father in 1341, at age nine.
Mar 10 Tvrtko I of Bosnia the Ban of Bosnia during 1353–77, King of Bosnia and Serbia during 1377–91, and king of Croatia and Dalmatia after 1390. A member of the Bosnian Kotromanić dynasty which had ruled the Banate of Bosnia, he was a "politically adept and religiously tolerant ruler" and under his command Bosnia reached its peak and became the strongest power in the Balkans, conquering parts of what is today Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro
Mar 17 Uliana of Tver a daughter of Prince Alexander of Tver and Anastasia of Halych. She was the second wife of Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania
Jul 25 John III Count of Armagnac a count of Armagnac, of Fézensac and Rodez from 1384 to 1391. He was the son of John II of Armagnac, and Jeanne of Périgord
Oct 1 William I Marquis of Namur Count of Namur from 1337 until his death.
Nov 1 Amadeus VII Count of Savoy Count of Savoy from 1383 to 1391.
Nov 2 Al-Nasir Muhammad Salah al-Din an imam of Yemen who ruled during the period 1372-1391. He was a Zaydi imam and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad
Nov 14 Nikola Tavelić a saint of the Catholic Church. This Franciscan missionary, who died a martyr's death in Jerusalem, was the first Croatian saint