Died in 1394

Mar 17 Louis Count of Enghien titular Duke of Athens, Count of Brienne and Lord of Enghien 1381–1394, Count of Conversano 1356–1394. His coat-of-arms was "Enghien , a label gules bezantee"
Jun 4 Mary de Bohun the first wife of King Henry IV of England and the mother of King Henry Mary was never queen, as she died before her husband came to the throne.
Jun 7 Anne of Bohemia Queen of England as the first wife of King Richard A member of the House of Luxembourg, she was the eldest daughter of Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor, and Elizabeth of Pomerania.
Jun 25 Dorothea of Montau a hermitess and visionary of 14th century Germany. After centuries of veneration in Central Europe, she was canonized in 1976
Jul 9 Nicholas III Duke of Opava Duke of Opava from 1367 to 1377 and Duke of Głubczyce from 1377 until his death.
Aug 27 Emperor Chōkei the 98th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional order of succession. He reigned from 1368 through 1383. His personal name was Yutanari
Sep 7 Adolf III of the Marck the Bishop of Münster from 1357 until 1363, the Archbishop of Cologne in 1363, the Count of Cleves from 1368 until 1394, and the Count of Mark from 1391 until 1393.
Sep 16 Antipope Clement VII elected to the papacy as Pope Clement VII by the French cardinals who opposed Urban VI, and was the first antipope of the Avignon papacy.
Dec 28 Maria Angelina Doukaina Palaiologina the self-proclaimed basilissa of Epirus from 1384 to 1385, succeeding the rule of her murdered husband Thomas Preljubović.