Died in 1406

Jan 1 Przemysław of Oświęcim a Duke of half of both Głogów and Ścinawa since 1404 and Duke of Oświęcim from 1405 until his death.
Mar 19 Ibn Khaldun an Arab Muslim historiographer and historian, regarded to be among the founding fathers of modern sociology, historiography and economics.
Apr 4 Robert III of Scotland King of Scots from 1390 to his death. He was known primarily as the Earl of Carrick before ascending the throne at age 53. He was the eldest son of Robert II and Elizabeth Mure and was legitimated with the marriage of his parents in 1347
May 4 Coluccio Salutati a Tuscan humanist and man of letters, and one of the most important political and cultural leaders of Renaissance Florence; as chancellor of the Republic and its most prominent voice, he was effectively the permanent secretary of state in the generation before the rise of the Medici.
May 18 Balthasar Landgrave of Thuringia Margrave of Meissen and Landgrave of Thuringia from the House of Wettin.
Jul 15 William Duke of Austria a member and head of the Leopoldinian Line, ruler of Carinthia, Styria and Carniola.
Sep 16 Cyprian Metropolitan of Moscow Metropolitan of Kiev and All Rus' with the Metropolitan's residence in Moscow.
Nov 1 Joanna Duchess of Brabant the heiress of Duke John III, who died in Brussels, December 5, 1355. Her mother was Marie d'Évreux
Nov 6 Pope Innocent VII Pope from 17 October 1404 to his death in 1406. He was Pope during the period of the Western Schism while there was a rival Pope, Antipope Benedict XIII, at Avignon
Nov 24 Sibila of Fortia daughter of Berenguer de Fortià and his wife Francesca of Palau. Sibila belonged to the lineage of Fortià, the lower nobility, with possessions in the rural Empordà, in the county of Ampurias. She was Queen consort of Aragon by her marriage to Peter IV of Aragon; his fourth wife
Dec 18 Çandarlı Ali Pasha the grand vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1387 until 1406, under sultan Bayezid I and, during the Ottoman Interregnum, Süleyman Çelebi.
Dec 20 Maria de Luna a queen consort of Aragon, as the spouse of King Martin I of Aragon. She was known as "La Grande" , and is regarded as one of the most notable queens in Aragon. She was regent 1396-97
Dec 25 Henry III of Castile the son of John I and Eleanor of Aragon. He succeeded his father as King of Castile in 1390