Died in 1407

Feb 9 William I Margrave of Meissen Margrave of Meissen. His surname is related to the legend that Saint Benno appeared to him because of his disputes with the Church in a dream and he had an eye gouged out
Mar 7 Francesco I Gonzaga ruler of Mantua from 1382 to 1407. He was also a condottiero
Mar 30 Konrad von Jungingen the 25th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights.
Apr 23 Olivier de Clisson a Breton soldier, the son of Olivier IV de Clisson, who was put to death in 1343 on the suspicion of having wished to give up Nantes to the English.
Jun 24 Theodore I Palaiologos despot in the Morea from 1383 until his death on June 24, 1407. He was the youngest surviving son of the Byzantine Emperor John V Palaiologos and his wife Helena Kantakouzene. His maternal grandfather was former Emperor John VI Kantakouzenos. His older brothers were Emperor Andronikos IV Palaiologos and Manuel II Palaiologos
Aug 15 Robert Knolles an important English knight of the Hundred Years' War, who, operating with the tacit support of the Crown, succeeded in taking the only two major French cities, other than Calais and Poitiers, to fall to Edward III. His methods, however, earned him infamy as a freebooter and a ravager: the ruined gables of burned buildings came to be known as "Knolly's mitres"
Sep 24 Andronikos V Palaiologos co-emperor of the Byzantine Empire with his father John VII Palaiologos.
Nov 23 Louis I Duke of Orléans Duke of Orléans from 1392 to his death. He was also Count of Valois , Duke of Touraine , Count of Blois , Angoulême , Périgord and Soissons