Died in 1410

Jan 20 Martin of Aragon King of Aragon, Valencia, Sardinia and Corsica and Count of Barcelona from 1396 and King of Sicily from 1409. He failed to secure the accession of his grandson, Frederic, Count of Luna, and with him the rule of the House of Barcelona came to an end
Jan 26 Bartolo di Fredi an Italian painter, born in Siena, classified as a member of the Sienese School.
Mar 5 Matthew of Kraków a renowned German-Polish scholar and priest of the fourteenth century.
Mar 16 John Beaufort 1st Earl of Somerset the first of the four illegitimate children of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, and his mistress Katherine Swynford, later his wife. Beaufort was born in about 1371 and his surname probably reflects his father's lordship of Beaufort in Champagne, France
May 3 Antipope Alexander V antipope during the Western Schism. He reigned from June 26, 1409, to his death in 1410 and is officially regarded by the Roman Catholic Church as an antipope
May 18 Rupert King of Germany Elector Palatine from 1398 and King of Germany from 1400 until his death.
May 23 Przemyslaus I Noszak Duke of Cieszyn a Duke of Cieszyn-Bytom-Siewierz from 1358 , from 1384 ruler over half of both Głogów and Ścinawa and since 1401 ruler over Toszek.
Jul 15 Ulrich von Jungingen the 26th Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights, serving from 1407 to 1410. His policy of confrontation with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Poland would spark the Polish–Lithuanian–Teutonic War and lead to disaster for his Order, and his own death, at the Battle of Grunwald
Aug 16 Francesco di Marco Datini an Italian merchant born in Prato.