1412 in history

1412 events chronologically

Jan 16 The Medici family is appointed official banker of the Papacy

Born in 1412

Apr 2 Ruy Gonzáles de Clavijo a Castilian traveller and writer. In 1403-05 Clavijo was the ambassador of Henry III of Castile to the court of Timur, founder and ruler of the Timurid Empire. A diary of the journey, perhaps based on detailed notes kept while traveling, was later published in Spanish in 1582 and in English in 1859
Jun 5 Ludovico III Gonzaga Marquis of Mantua the ruler of the Italian city of Mantua from 1444 to his death in 1478.
Aug 22 Frederick II Elector of Saxony Elector of Saxony and was Landgrave of Thuringia.
Oct 31 Ludwig I Count of Württemberg-Urach Count of Württemberg. He was a son of count Eberhard IV and Henriette of Montbéliard. He reigned from 1419 until 1450
Dec 8 Astorre II Manfredi lord of Imola from 1439 and of Faenza from 1443.

Died in 1412

Apr 1 Albert King of Sweden King of Sweden from 1364 to 1389 and Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin from 1384 to 1412 as Albert III.
May 16 Gian Maria Visconti the second Visconti Duke of Milan, the son of Gian Galeazzo Visconti and Caterina Visconti.
Jul 13 Johannes Ciconia a composer and music theorist of the late Middle Ages. He was born in Liège, but worked most of his adult life in Italy, particularly in the service of the papal chapel and at Padua cathedral
Aug 6 Margaret of Durazzo Queen of Naples and Hungary and Princess of Achaea as the spouse of Charles III of Naples, and later regent of Naples during the minority of her son.
Oct 28 Margaret I of Denmark Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden and founder of the Kalmar Union, which united the Scandinavian countries for over a century. She acted as queen regnant of Denmark, although in those days it was not the Danish custom for a woman to reign. Her title in Denmark was derived from her father King Valdemar IV of Denmark. She became Queen of Norway and Sweden by virtue of her marriage to King Haakon VI of Norway