1415 in history

1415 events chronologically

May 4 Religious reformers John Wycliffe and Jan Hus are condemned as heretics at the Council of Constance
Jul 6 Jan Hus is burned at the stake
Aug 14 Henry the Navigator leads Portuguese forces to victory over the Marinids at the Battle of Ceuta
Oct 25 The army of Henry V of England defeats the French at the Battle of Agincourt

Born in 1415

Mar 10 Vasily II of Moscow the Grand Prince of Moscow whose long reign was plagued by the greatest civil war of Old Russian history.
May 3 Cecily Neville Duchess of York an English noblewoman, the wife of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York and the mother of two Kings of England, Edward IV and Richard III. Cecily Neville was called "the Rose of Raby", because she was born at Raby Castle in Durham, and "Proud Cis", because of her pride and a temper that went with Historically she is also known for her piety. She herself signed her name "Cecylle"
Sep 21 Frederick III Holy Roman Emperor the Holy Roman Emperor from 1452 until his death. Prior to his imperial coronation, he was hereditary Duke of Austria from 1424 and elected King of Germany from 1440. He was the first emperor of the House of Habsburg. In 1493, he was succeeded by his son Maximilian I after ten years of joint rule
Oct 25 Charles I of Albret Constable of France from 1402 until 1411, and again from 1413 until 1415. He was also the co-commander of the French army at the Battle of Agincourt where he was killed by the English forces led by King Henry V
Oct 25 John II Count of Nevers a French noble.
Dec 1 Jan Długosz a Polish priest, chronicler, diplomat, soldier, and secretary to Bishop Zbigniew Oleśnicki of Kraków.

Top 7 most famous people died in 1415

Apr 15 Manuel Chrysoloras a pioneer in the introduction of Greek literature to Western Europe during the late middle ages.
Jul 6 Jan Hus a Czech priest, philosopher, reformer and master at Charles University in Prague. After John Wycliffe, the theorist of ecclesiastical Reformation, Hus is considered the first Church reformer, as he lived before Luther, Calvin and Zwingli
Jul 19 Philippa of Lancaster Queen of Portugal from 1387 until 1415 as the wife of King John Born into the royal family of England, her marriage secured the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance and produced several children who became known as the "Illustrious Generation" in Portugal.
Aug 5 Richard of Conisburgh 3rd Earl of Cambridge the second son of Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, and Isabella of Castile. At the age of forty he was beheaded for his part in the Southampton Plot, a conspiracy against King Henry He was the father of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, and the grandfather of King Edward IV and King Richard III
Oct 25 Edward of Norwich 2nd Duke of York the eldest son of Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York, by his first wife Isabella of Castile, and the grandson of Edward III. He held significant appointments during the reigns of three monarchs Richard II, Henry IV, and Henry V, and was slain at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415. He translated a hunting treatise, The Master of Game
Oct 25 Anthony Duke of Brabant Duke of Brabant, Lothier and Limburg.
Oct 25 Jean I Duke of Alençon a French nobleman, killed at the Battle of Agincourt.