1416 in history

1416 events chronologically

May 30 The Council of Constance, called by Emperor Sigismund, a supporter of Antipope John XXIII, burns Jerome of Prague following a trial for heresy

Born in 1416

Feb 26 Christopher of Bavaria King of Denmark , Sweden and Norway during the era of the Kalmar Union.
Mar 27 Francis of Paola an Italian mendicant friar and the founder of the Roman Catholic Order of Minims. Unlike the majority of founders of men's religious orders, and like his patron saint, Francis was never ordained a priest
Mar 27 Antonio Squarcialupi an Italian organist and composer. He was the most famous organist in Italy in the mid-15th century
Sep 19 Piero di Cosimo de' Medici the de facto ruler of Florence from 1464 to 1469, during the Italian Renaissance. He was the father of Lorenzo the Magnificent and Giuliano de' Medici
Oct 26 Edmund Grey 1st Earl of Kent the son of Sir John Grey, KG and Constance Holland. His main residence was at Wrest near Silsoe Bedfordshire

Died in 1416

Feb 27 Eleanor of Castile Queen of Navarre an infanta of Castile and the Queen consort of Navarre.
Apr 2 Ferdinand I of Aragon king of Aragon, Valencia, Majorca, Sardinia and Corsica and king of Sicily, duke of Athens and Neopatria, and count of Barcelona, Roussillon and Cerdanya. He was also regent of Castile
May 30 Jerome of Prague a Czech church reformer and one of the chief followers of Jan Hus who was burned for heresy at the Council of Constance.
Jun 15 John Duke of Berry Duke of Berry and Auvergne and Count of Poitiers and Montpensier. He was the third son of King John II of France and Bonne of Luxemburg; his brothers were King Charles V of France, Duke Louis I of Anjou and Duke Philip the Bold of Burgundy. He is primarily remembered as a collector of the important illuminated manuscripts and other works of art commissioned by him, such as the Très Riches Heures
Oct 1 Yaqub Spata a the last Lord of Arta, ruling from 1414/15 until 1416, with a brief interval when he was evicted by the local population. His rule ended after his capture and execution by Carlo I Tocco, who proceeded to incorporate Arta to his domains
Oct 14 Henry the Mild Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg prince of Lüneburg from 1388 to 1409 jointly with his brother Bernard I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, from 1400 to 1409 also of Wolfenbüttel, and from 1409 until his death sole prince of Lüneburg.