Died in 1417

Feb 15 Richard de Vere 11th Earl of Oxford the son and heir of Aubrey de Vere, 10th Earl of Oxford. He took part in the trial of Richard, Earl of Cambridge and Lord Scrope for their part in the Southampton Plot, and was one of the commanders at Agincourt in 1415
Mar 5 Manuel III of Trebizond Emperor of Trebizond from March 20, 1390 to his death in 1417. He was the son of Emperor Alexios III of Trebizond by Theodora Kantakouzene
Apr 5 John Dauphin of France Duke of Touraine the fourth son and ninth child of Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. He was born in Paris. After his three elder brothers died, he became Dauphin in 1415. In 1406 he married Jacqueline, heiress of the County of Hainaut, Holland, Zealand, and Frisia. After his marriage to Jacqueline, he was brought up at the castle of Le Quesnoy in Hainaut, at the court of his mother-in-law, Margaret of Burgundy. This arrangement was made between his father and his father-in-law to ensure his safety away from the tulmultous court in Paris, as well as to acquaint him with the lands which he would rule as husband of Jacqueline after her father's death. After the death of his elder brother Louis in December 1415, he became the next Dauphin of France
Apr 29 Louis II of Naples King of Naples from 1389 until 1399 and Duke of Anjou from 1384 until 1417. He was a member of the House of Valois-Anjou
May 16 Eberhard III Count of Württemberg der Milde , ruled from 1392-1417 as the Count of Württemberg, then a part of the Holy Roman Empire.
Sep 15 Ibrahim I of Shirvan the 33rd ruler of Shirvan from the Derbendid dynasty. Because of his cunning politics he managed to remain independent and not get conquered by Timur
Sep 22 Anne of Auvergne the only child of Beraud II, Dauphin of Auvergne and his first wife Jeanne of Forez. She was Dauphine of Auvergne and Countess of Forez as well as Dame de Mercoeur in her own right and was Duchess of Bourbon by her marriage
Sep 26 Francesco Zabarella an Italian cardinal and canonist.
Oct 18 Pope Gregory XII Pope from 30 November 1406 to July 1415 when he was forced to resign to end the Western Schism. He succeeded Pope Innocent VII and in turn was succeeded by Pope Martin V
Nov 17 Gazi Evrenos an Ottoman military commander, with an unlikely long-lived career and lifetime. He served as general under Süleyman Pasha, Murad I, Bayezid I, Süleyman Çelebi and Mehmed I
Dec 26 Eleanor of Aragon Queen of Cyprus Queen consort of Cyprus as the wife of King Peter I of Cyprus. She was a member of the House of Barcelona as the daughter of Peter of Aragon and his wife Joan of Foix