Died in 1418

Jan 10 William II Marquis of Namur inherited the Marquisate of Namur from his father William I in 1391 and held it until his own death.
Jan 31 Mircea I of Wallachia ruler of Wallachia from 1386 until his death. The byname "elder" was given to him after his death in order to distinguish him from his grandson Mircea Starting in the 19th century, Romanian historiography has also referred to him as Mircea the Great
Feb 11 Bogislaw VIII Duke of Pomerania Duke of Pomerania in Pomerania-Stolp from 1395 until 1418.
Mar 8 Carlo Zeno considered a hero of the War of Chioggia against the Republic of Genoa.
Mar 22 Dietrich of Nieheim born at Nieheim, a small town subject to the see of Paderborn.
Mar 22 Nicolas Flamel a successful French scrivener and manuscript-seller. After his death Flamel developed a reputation as an alchemist believed to have discovered the Philosopher's Stone and achieved immortality. However, these legendary accounts only appeared in the seventeenth century
Jun 2 Catherine of Lancaster Queen of Castile as the wife of King Henry III of Castile.
Jun 12 Bernard VII Count of Armagnac the, Count of Armagnac, and Constable of France. He was the son of John II and Jeanne de Périgord. He succeeded in Armagnac at the death of his brother, John III, in 1391. After prolonged fighting, he also became Count of Comminges in 1412
Jul 31 Anna Grand Duchess of Lithuania Grand Duchess of Lithuania. She probably was the first wife of Vytautas the Great, Grand Duke of Lithuania. Anna was mother of Sophia of Lithuania, the only child of Vytautas and wife of Vasily I of Moscow. She is best remembered for helping Vytautas to escape from a prison in Kreva in 1382 and thus probably saving his life. Little is known about Anna's life and even her origins remain disputed by historians
Nov 25 Henry Beaufort 2nd Earl of Somerset the eldest son of John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, and the grandson of John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster and Katherine Swynford.