Died in 1425

Jan 18 Edmund Mortimer 5th Earl of March heir presumptive to King Richard II of England. After the deposition of Richard II, because of Mortimer's claim to the crown, he was the focus of plots against King Henry IV and King Henry Mortimer was the last Earl of March to come from his family
Jan 26 Catherine of Burgundy the second daughter of Philip the Bold, Duke of Burgundy and Margaret III, Countess of Flanders. She was Duchess of Further Austria
Feb 27 Vasily I of Moscow the Grand Prince of Moscow , heir of Dmitry Donskoy. He ruled as a Great Horde vassal between 1389-1395, and again in 1412-1425. Mongol emir Timur's raid on the Volgan regions in 1395 resulted in the Golden Horde's state of anarchy for the next years and the independence of Moscow. In 1412, Vasily reinstated himself as the Horde's vassal. He had entered an alliance with the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1392 and married Vytautas the Great's only daughter Sophia, though the alliance turned out to be fragile, since Vytautas would later capture Vyazma and Smolensk in 1403–1404
Mar 13 William II Margrave of Meissen the second son of Margrave Frederick the Strict of Meissen and Catherine of Henneberg.
Mar 16 Leonardo Dati an Italian friar and humanist. He was Master general of the Dominican Order from 1414 to his death
Mar 17 Ashikaga Yoshikazu the 5th shogun of the Ashikaga shogunate who reigned from 1423 to 1425 during the Muromachi period of Japan. Yoshikazu was the son of the fourth shogun Ashikaga Yoshimochi
May 21 Parisina Malatesta the daughter of Andrea Malatesta, lord of Cesena, and his second wife, Lucrezia Ordelaffi. She had affair with her bastard stepson Ugo d'Este, and both were beheaded by her husband Marquis Niccolò III d'Este of Ferrara
May 24 Murdoch Stewart Duke of Albany a leading Scottish nobleman, the son of Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany and the grandson of King Robert II of Scotland, who founded the Stewart dynasty. In 1389 he was Justiciar North of the Forth. In 1402 he was captured at the Battle of Homildon Hill and would spend 12 years in captivity in England. After his father died in 1420, and while the future King James I of Scotland was himself held captive in England, Stewart served as Governor of Scotland, until 1424 when James was finally ransomed and returned to Scotland. However, in 1425, soon after James's coronation, Albany was arrested, found guilty of treason, and executed, along with two of his sons. His only surviving heir was James the Fat, who escaped to Antrim, Ireland, where he died in 1429. Albany's wife Isabella of Lennox survived the destruction of her family, and would live to see the murder of James I and the restoration of her title and estates
May 29 Hongxi Emperor the fourth emperor of the Ming Dynasty of China. He succeeded his father, the Yongle Emperor, in 1424. His era name means "Vastly bright"
Jul 21 Manuel II Palaiologos Byzantine Emperor from 1391 to 1425. Shortly before his death he was tonsured a monk and received the name Matthew. He is commemorated on July 21
Sep 8 Charles III of Navarre King of Navarre from 1387 to his death and Count of Évreux from 1387 to 1404, when he exchanged it for the title Duke of Nemours. He spent his reign improving the infrastructure of his kingdom, restoring Navarre's pride after the dismal reign of his father, Charles the Bad, and mending strained relations with France
Oct 21 Ralph Neville 1st Earl of Westmorland an English nobleman of the House of Neville.