1438 in history

1438 events chronologically

Jan 1 Albert II of Habsburg is crowned King of Hungary
Jan 24 The Council of Basel suspends Pope Eugene IV
Mar 18 Albert II of Habsburg becomes Holy Roman Emperor

Born in 1438

Feb 4 Philip II Duke of Savoy the Duke of Savoy for the brief reign from 1496 to 1497.
Feb 12 Adolf Duke of Guelders a Duke of Guelders, Count of Zutphen from 1465–1471 and in 1477.
Sep 7 Louis II Landgrave of Lower Hesse the Landgrave of Lower Hesse from 1458 - 1471.
Dec 1 Peter II Duke of Bourbon the son of Charles I, Duke of Bourbon, and Agnes of Burgundy, and a member of the House of Bourbon. He and his wife Anne of France ruled as regents during the minority of Charles VIII of France

Died in 1438

May 29 Giordano Orsini (died 1438) an Italian cardinal who enjoyed an extensive career in the early fifteenth century. He was a member of the powerful Roman family of the Orsini
Jul 2 Ernest Duke of Bavaria from 1397 Duke of Bavaria-Munich.
Sep 9 Edward King of Portugal King of Portugal and the Algarve and second Lord of Ceuta from 1433 until his death. He was born in Viseu, the son of John I of Portugal and his wife, Philippa of Lancaster, a daughter of John of Gaunt. Duarte was the oldest member of the Ínclita Geração
Oct 20 Jacopo della Quercia an Italian sculptor of the Italian Renaissance, a contemporary of Brunelleschi, Ghiberti and Donatello. He is considered a precursor of Michelangelo