1439 in history

1439 events chronologically

Nov 12 Plymouth, England, becomes the first town incorporated by the English Parliament

Born in 1439

Mar 20 Joan of Portugal Queen consort of Castile as the second wife of King Henry IV of Castile and a Portuguese infanta, the posthumous daughter of King Edward of Portugal and his wife Eleanor of Aragon. She was born in the Quinta do Monte Olivete, Almada six months after the death of her father
May 29 Pope Pius III Pope from 22 September 1503 to his death on 18 October, 1503.
Jul 26 Sigismund Duke of Bavaria a member of the Wittelsbach dynasty. He ruled as Duke of Bavaria-Munich from 1460 to 1467, and then as Duke of Bavaria-Dachau until his death
Sep 23 Francesco di Giorgio Martini an Italian painter of the Sienese School and a sculptor, as well as being, in Nikolaus Pevsner's terms: one of the most interesting later Quattrocento architects and a visionary architectural theorist; as a military engineer he executed architectural designs and sculptural projects and built almost seventy fortifications for the Federico da Montefeltro, Count of Urbino, for whom he was working in the 1460s, building city walls as at Iesi and early examples of star-shaped fortifications.

Died in 1439

Apr 30 Richard de Beauchamp 13th Earl of Warwick an English medieval nobleman and military commander.
May 5 Spytek of Melsztyn a member of the Polish nobility, and a strong supporter of Polish cooperation with the Hussite movement.
Jun 24 Frederick IV Duke of Austria the Habsburg duke of Further Austria from 1402, and Count of Tyrol from 1406, until his death. He was the younger son of Leopold III, Duke of Inner Austria
Jun 26 Archibald Douglas 5th Earl of Douglas a Scottish nobleman and General during the Hundred Years' War.
Sep 4 Christian of Prachatice a medieval Bohemian astronomer, mathematician and former Catholic priest who converted to the Hussite movement. He was the author of several books about medicine and herbs, and contributed to the field of astronomy with many papers and data recordings
Oct 20 St. Ambrose Traversari O.S.B. Cam., also referred to as Ambrose of Camaldoli , was an Italian monk and theologian, who was a prime supporter of the papal cause in the 15th century. He is honored as a saint by the Camaldolese Order
Oct 27 Albert II of Germany King of Hungary and Croatia from 1437 until his death. He was also King of Bohemia, elected King of Germany as Albert II, duke of Luxembourg and, as Albert V, archduke of Austria from 1404