Died in 1442

Feb 16 Siemowit V of Masovia from 1426-1434 a Prince of Masovia in Rawa, Plock, Sochaczew, Gostynin, Płońsk, Wizna and Belz i.e., hereditary vassal Polish, the breakdown in 1434 goes as follows; prince of Rawa, Gostynin and Sochaczew.
Feb 23 Johannes von Gmunden a German/Austrian astronomer, mathematician, humanist and early instrument maker.
Aug 29 John VI Duke of Brittany duke of Brittany, Count of Montfort, and titular earl of Richmond, from 1399 to his death. He was son of Duke John V and Joan of Navarre
Oct 18 John Constable of Portugal a Portuguese infante of the House of Aviz, Constable of Portugal and master of the Portuguese Order of James. In Portugal, he is commonly referred to as the O Infante Condestável
Nov 1 John V Duke of Mecklenburg Duke of Mecklenburg from 1436 to 1442.
Nov 13 Elisabeth of Bavaria Electress of Brandenburg an Electress of Brandenburg.
Nov 14 Yolande of Aragon a throne claimant and titular queen regnant of Aragon, titular queen consort of Naples, Duchess of Anjou, Countess of Provence, and regent of Provence during the minority of her son. She was a daughter of John I of Aragon and his wife Yolande of Bar. Yolande played a crucial role in the struggles between France and England, influencing events such as the financing of Joan of Arc's army in 1429 and tipping the balance in favour of the French. She was also known as Jolantha de Aragon and Violant d'Aragó. Tradition holds that she commissioned the famous Rohan Hours
Dec 19 Elizabeth of Luxembourg queen consort of Germany, Hungary and Bohemia.