Died in 1447

Feb 23 Pope Eugene IV Pope from 3 March 1431 to his death in 1447. He is the last pope to take the name "Eugene" upon his election
Feb 23 Humphrey of Lancaster 1st Duke of Gloucester "son, brother and uncle of kings", being the fourth and youngest son of King Henry IV of England by his first wife, Mary de Bohun, brother to King Henry V of England, and uncle to the latter's son, King Henry VI of England.
Mar 6 Saint Colette a French abbess and the foundress of the Colettine Poor Clares, a reform branch of the Order of Saint Clare, better known as the Poor Clares. Due to a number of miraculous events claimed during her life, she is venerated as the patron saint of women seeking to conceive, expectant mothers and sick children
Mar 13 Shahrukh Mirza the Timurid ruler of the eastern portion of the empire established by his father, Central Asian warlord Timur who founded the Timurid dynasty, governing most of Persia and Transoxiana between 1405 and 1447. Shāhrukh was the fourth and youngest son of Timur and child of one of his concubines
Apr 11 Henry Beaufort a medieval English clergyman, Bishop of Winchester, an anomaly in being both a bishop and a member of the royal house of Plantagenet, and Cardinal.
May 1 Louis VII Duke of Bavaria Duke of Bavaria-Ingolstadt from 1413 until 1443. He was a son of Stephen III and Taddea Visconti
Aug 5 John Holland 2nd Duke of Exeter an English nobleman and military commander during the Hundred Years' War.
Aug 13 Filippo Maria Visconti ruler of Milan from 1412 to 1447.
Dec 2 Vlad II Dracul a voivode of Wallachia. He reigned from 1436 to 1442, and again from 1443 to 1447. He was the father of Mircea II, Vlad Călugărul , Vlad III Dracula, who became posthumously known by the epithet Țepeș , and Radu III the Beautiful