Died in 1452

Feb 10 Michael Žygimantaitis the last male descendant of Kęstutis, Grand Duke of Lithuania. He supported his father Sigismund Kęstutaitis in power struggles with Švitrigaila. In 1435 he led his father's army to victory in the Battle of Pabaiskas. After his father's assassination in 1440, Michael unsuccessfully fought against Casimir IV Jagiellon for the title of the Grand Duke of Lithuania. At first Michael was supported by Samogitia, but in 1441 Casimir issued a privilege confirming Samogitia's semi-autonomous status and thus avoiding a civil war. Until 1447 he was supported by Dukes of Masovia. In 1448 Michael asked help from the Crimean Khanate. With their help he attacked and shortly took control of Kiev, Starodub, Novhorod-Siversky. Soon he was captured and transported to the Grand Duchy of Moscow where he died under unclear circumstances. He was buried in Vilnius Cathedral
Feb 10 Švitrigaila the Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1430 to 1432. He spent most of his life in largely unsuccessful dynastic struggles against his cousins Vytautas and Sigismund Kęstutaitis
Feb 22 William Douglas 8th Earl of Douglas a late Mediaeval Scottish nobleman, Lord of Galloway, and Lord of the Regality of Lauderdale, and the most powerful magnate in Southern Scotland.
May 25 John Stafford (bishop) an English statesman and Archbishop of Canterbury.
Jul 25 Robert Willoughby 6th Baron Willoughby de Eresby an English baron and soldier in the Hundred Years' War.
Aug 15 William Duke of Opava a member of Opava branch of the Bohemian Přemyslid dynasty. He was Duke of Opava from 1433 to 1452 and Duke of Münsterberg from 1443 to 1452
Oct 4 Bolesław II Duke of Cieszyn a Duke of Cieszyn since 1431 , ruler over half of Bielsko and Frysztat , and during 1452 sole ruler over one half of Bytom.
Dec 18 John VII Count of Harcourt a French nobleman. He was Count of Aumale, Viscount of Châtellerault, and Seigneur of Mézières, of Elbeuf, of Lillebone, of La Saussaye etc