Died in 1459

Feb 14 Stephen Count Palatine of Simmern-Zweibrücken Count Palatine of Simmern and Zweibrücken from 1410 until his death in 1459.
Feb 20 Thomas Stanley 1st Baron Stanley a Privy Councillor, Comptroller of the Royal Household, Lieutenant-Governor of Ireland , Chief Steward of the Duchy of Lancaster, Knight of the Shire for Lancashire, Constable & Justice of Chester, Chamberlain of North Wales, Lord Chamberlain , and from 15 January 1456 was summoned by Writ to Parliament as Lord Stanley.
Mar 3 Ausiàs March a medieval Valencian poet and knight from Gandia, Valencia. He is considered as one of the most important poets of the "Golden Century" of Valencian literature
May 2 Antoninus of Florence an Italian Dominican friar, who ruled as an Archbishop of Florence. He is venerated as a saint by the Catholic Church
May 3 Eric of Pomerania King Eric III of Norway , King Eric VII of Denmark , and King Eric of Sweden. He was the first King of the Nordic Kalmar Union, succeeding his adoptive mother Margaret I of Denmark
Oct 30 Poggio Bracciolini a Florentine and Roman scholar who served under seven popes as a scholar, writer, and an early humanist. He was responsible for recovering and rediscovering a great number of classical Latin manuscripts, mostly decaying and forgotten in German, Swiss, and French monastic libraries, including De rerum natura, the only surviving work by Lucretius, and disseminated manuscript copies among his learned friends
Nov 5 John Fastolf an English knight during the Hundred Years War, who has enjoyed a more lasting reputation as the prototype, in some part, of Shakespeare's Sir John Falstaff. Many historians consider, however, that he deserves to be famous in his own right, not only as a soldier, but as a patron of literature, a writer on strategy and perhaps as an early industrialist
Dec 4 Adolphus VIII Count of Holstein the mightiest vassal of the Danish realm.